Berlin guide: what can you get for free today?

Berlin guide: what can you get for free today?

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As part of our Berlin guide sections, we really wanted to highlight one website where you can, everyday, find what is for free in Berlin, be it art, theatre, exhibitions, Christmas markets or Berlin nightlife. The website Gratis-in-Berlin provides you with a wide array of choices: it will mostly offer an insight into the city’s lower-key cultural offering, i.e. something off the mainstream tourist’s radar screen and hence somewhat off the beaten track. Definitely an insider tip!

Also, don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the Berlin scams mentioned in a previous section of our Berlin guide, in a separate post. We believe the free offering on Gratis-in-Berlin is genuinely being presented to attract like-minded people or new fans, without any bad intentions.

For more insights on how to do the best of your Berlin visit without spending much, see our post on Berlin shopping and sightseeing made easy.  


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