Majority of Germans favour Berlin Olympics over Hamburg

Majority of Germans favour Berlin Olympics over Hamburg


According to a YouGov poll published on Monday 15 December, a majority of respondents (48%) see Berlin as the winning host candidate for the Summer Olympics in 2024 or 2028, whilst only 28% believe Hamburg will win the country’s nomination. 25% of respondents were undecided.  In addition, about 57% of respondents declared themselves in favour of hosting Olympics in Germany, whilst 24% were against. In addition, 40% of respondents believe that Berlin would have a chance to win the final International Olympics Committee (IOC) nomination in 2017, whilst only 17% attribute the same chance to Hamburg.

On  21 March 2015, the German Olympics Sports Confederation will decide between Hamburg and Berlin. The application will then need to be submitted to the IOC by January 2016. However, either city would need the bid to be backed by its population in a referendum. Should the German bid for 2024 fail, the winning city (Berlin or Hamburg) would again be in the running for 2028.

Beijing Olympics fireworks
Beijing Olympics fireworks

One source of concern for Berlin could be the divergence in local support the two German cities are currently getting. If Facebook likes are an indicator (and they certainly are, although it is also a matter of marketing, as we all know), Hamburg is way ahead, with over 32,000 likes on Olympia in Hamburg vs only just over 500 likes for Berlin on Olympia in Berlin.

We do, however, continue to see good chances for Berlin’s candidacy, not only at the federal level, but also at the international one. Needless to say, this would represent another huge impetus for the German capital, for Berlin property and business as well as the city’s broader development and regeneration.

Berlin Olympics in 2024 would bring the Summer Games back to Europe, 12 years after London hosted the Games. Beijing hosted them in 2008, and Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo will host them in 2016 and 2020, respectively.