Berlin Restaurants: Top Choices

Berlin Restaurants: Top Choices


There is a number of fabulous Berlin restaurants. What makes them great is their originality and cultural significance in their food selection.

Beside those already presented in our dedicated posts on Neukolln and Prenzlauer Berg restaurants and coffee shops, we have added a few more recommendations to our list of favourites: 

The Ottenthal is an Austrian style restaurant that mixes contemporary and traditional cuisines that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Their menu includes mixed salads, fried goat’s cheese, smoked ham, veal fillets, goose liver dumplings and more. It is not a big restaurant, but serves meals that are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You might call it the Austrian version of the American Denny’s.

For those who enjoy the nightlife, Marooush is where you will want to go. It contains a restaurant, bar, and club all rolled into one. They serve mostly Middle Eastern cuisine, specifically from Egypt. But the cuisine is mostly recognizable to people from around the world. You can get lamb with rice, turkey with cooked vegetables, and chicken. To drink you can get orange tea, peppermint tea, Ginger Ale and beer. The restaurant attracts a nice blend of cultures, so you may get to meet new people when you are there as well.

The Berliner Ferneshturm is probably one of the most original restaurants you will ever visit. It is located inside a TV Tower that overlooks the entire city. So when you go there, you will be dining right next to a window that is over 200 meters high above the city. As long as you are not afraid of heights, you will surely enjoy the breathtaking view while eating so real German cuisine.  The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. People say the view at nighttime is the best because the whole city is lit up beneath your feet.

But for those who want something more basic, the Café Jacques is a small café that has a blend of French and North African cuisine. This is a place where you can get a quick freshly made meal. The foods include fish, beef, pasta and various assortments of desserts. For anyone who wants a nice quick meal, this is the place to go.

Schnitzelei is a restaurant that caters specifically to those who love German cuisine. They have taken original German dishes, like schnitzel, and given them a more modern touch.  One of the favorites there is goat cheese schnitzel, which replaces the meat ingredient that is normally found in schnitzel. Some other German foods you can enjoy here are cabbage rolls, baked potatoes w/ chive cured, and the famous Kongisberger Klopse. These are meatballs cooked in a special white sauce.

More top choices from Gridskipper’s Eat Right Now Map

The travelblog Gridkskipper shares insights from the expert blogger, as well as  restaurant reviewer Elizabeth Auerbach — about the best and  hottest drinking and dining Berlin currently has to offer.

Among the top picks are two restaurants from Berlin’s two-Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue (La Soupe PopulaireSra Bua), as well as a contemporary French restaurant from the legendary Pierre Gagnaire (Les Solistes). Israeli chef Gal Ben Mosche, whose resume includes stints at Alinea and Hibiscus, has also opened a modern restaurant that offers a table-plated dessert much like that at Alinea (Glass). Rounding out the pedigreed chefs landing in Berlin is the Michelin-starred elBulli alumnus Paco Pérez with an avant garde addition to the city’s dining landscape (5-Cinco, which opened in December 2012, but remains so hot that it’s an exception to the one-year rule). Here now, the Eater Heatmap to Berlin, a chronicle of the city’s restaurants of the moment.

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