Late Summer in Berlin

Late Summer in Berlin


Guest contribution from Eggert Eggertsson, Iceland

Growing up in Iceland has its benefits.  One of which is the location, that is in the middle of the Atlantic and therefore right at the crossing point between east and west.  At my age, born in the seventies, I grew up during the cold war and listening to stories from the WW2.  Berlin has consequently always been on my bucket list.

So late last August, me, my wife and son went on a 10 day holiday to Berlin and stayed at Stephan’s vacation rental in Altenbrakerstrasse in Neukolln.  I searched quite a bit on various sites for accommodation and eventually made my decision based on reviews from happy travellers.  Needless to say everything was as described and made our stay comfortable.  The flat is perhaps not in one of many centres of Berlin but has easy access to all the transport you need.  In a walking distance are also local bars and restaurants.  We can recommend Prachtsaal Café / Bar around the corner and pizzeria Nini e Pettirosso close to Körnerpark which is by the way lovely on a hot summer in Berlin day.

Regarding the conflicts in the 20th century, Berlin is full of museums, memorials and historic buildings remembering barbarism and bravery.  I did not manage to explore half of what I intended simply because there is so much else to do.  Good planning is always good and I recommend a guided tour with one of many tourist operators early on your trip to get ideas for later exploration yourself.  We enjoyed East Berlin more than the Western part.  Prices tend to be cheaper in the East and it somehow seems to be more alive. Alexanderplatz and Flohmarkt im Mauerpark on Eberswalderstrasse (Prenzlauer Berg Flea Market) are good examples of lively places.